41 Ruby Intuitions

Gaining architectural insight from looking at code as text

The newsletter with updates and excerpts for the upcoming book titled "41 Ruby Intuitions (Gaining architectural insight from looking at code as text)", by Ruby core committer, open-source developer, and writer Victor Shepelev aka zverok.

The main topic of the book is looking into the ways of code writing that allow creating lucid code. Lucid code conveys its intention and means in the most humane ways possible. I’ll be exploring the ways of thinking that Ruby programming language, “designed for developer’s happiness” teaches, and how paying attention to singular (code) phrases allow one to write better.

The book is expected to consist of 41 chapters, going from simple concepts and habits towards whole architectures emerging from the text-first approach.

Low traffic till late spring, when the writing shall begin. I plan to publish drafts/excerpts of the first 30 chapters through summer 2022 and finish the book by the November/December of the same year.

Newsletter subscribers will be able to evaluate and affect the content while it is being written and preorder the book with a significant discount.

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Updates and excerpts for the upcoming book titled "41 Ruby Intuitions"


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